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董棕 Caryota obtusa Griffith

目前为止,中国西南野生生物种质资源库共保藏该物种: DNA材料2份; DNA5份;

  • 科:棕榈科    Arecaceae
  • 属:鱼尾葵属   Caryota
  • 种:董棕   Caryota obtusa


4. Caryota obtusa Griffith, Calcutta J. Nat. Hist. 5: 480. 1845. 董棕 dong zong Caryota gigas Hahn; C. obtusidentata Griffith; C. rumphiana Martius var. indica Beccari.Stems solitary, to 40 m tall, 50-90 cm in diam., often swollen. Leaves borne in a compact crown at top of stem; petioles 1-2 m; rachis 4-5.5 m; primary pinnae 19-22 per side of rachis; secondary pinnae 20-27 per side of secondary rachis, with scarcely jagged margins and blunt apices. Inflorescences borne among leaves, to 6 m; rachillae to 200, 2-2.9 m; male flowers to 15 mm; sepals 5-7 mm; petals yellowish, ca. 14 mm; stamens ca. 80; female flowers to 10 mm; sepals ca. 5 mm; petals ca. 8 mm. Fruits reddish, globose, to 3.5 cm in diam., often 2-seeded.Scattered localities in montane rain forests, usually on limestone soils; 1400-1800 m. Yunnan [India, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam].Material of this species was previously misidentified as Caryota urens Linnaeus (FRPS 13(1): 116. 1991).The palm heart is rich with starch and eaten locally.【引自:Flora of China】


采集编号 国家 区县 详情
14CS8578 中国 云南 怒江 贡山 详细
18CS16819 中国 西藏 林芝 墨脱 详细


序列号 采集编号 保藏类型 份数 保藏温度 提取方法 数据来源
35650 YDDXSA017 DNA 5 -80℃ 改良CTAB法 DNA库
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