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大喇叭杜鹃 Rhododendron excellens Hemsley & E. H. Wilson

目前为止,中国西南野生生物种质资源库共保藏该物种: 种子7份; DNA材料8份;

  • 科:杜鹃花科    Ericaceae
  • 属:杜鹃属    Rhododendron
  • 种:大喇叭杜鹃   Rhododendron excellens


8. Rhododendron excellens Hemsley & E. H. Wilson, Bull. Misc. Inform. Kew. 1910: 113. 1910. 大喇叭杜鹃 da la ba du juan Shrubs, sometimes small trees, 1.5–3(–5) m tall; young branches brownish purple, cylindric, densely dark brown scaly. Petiole not grooved, 15–30 mm, densely scaly; leaf blade leathery, oblong-elliptic, 11–19 × 3.5–8 cm; base rounded, sometimes slightly cordate to auriculate; apex acuminate; abaxial surface dirty white; adaxial surface sparsely scaly when young, glabrescent; midrib raised abaxially, concave adaxially. Inflorescence terminal, umbellate, 3–4-flowered; bud scales falling off early. Flowers fragrant. Pedicel stout, 1.2–2 cm, densely scaly; calyx lobes ovate, 8–12 mm, persistent in fruit, 1.5–1.8 cm, scaly at base; corolla broadly campanulate, white, 9–11 cm, outer surface scaly; lobes rounded; stamens 10(or 11 or 15), shorter than corolla tube; filaments pubescent below; anthers ca. 8 mm; ovary 5-locular, densely scaly; style slightly exserted from corolla tube, basal half scaly; stigma discoid. Capsule cylindric, lobes keeled, 45–55 mm. Fl. May.Evergreen broad-leaved forests or thickets; 1100–2400 m. S Guizhou, SE Yunnan [N Vietnam].Rhododendron excellens was originally described as having 15 stamens, which does not agree with this description. One solution would be to describe those plants with 10(–11) stamens as a new taxon, which could be called “var. decandrum”. This would account for the vast majority of the specimens available. It is possible that the type of R. excellens was a chance hybrid between “var. decandrum” and R. maddenii subsp. crassum. In Vietnam, where the distribution of “var. decandrum” overlaps with that of R. nuttallii (which it closely resembles), there appear to be intermediates between the two taxa.【引自:Flora of China】

灌木,高1.5-3米,有时为高约5米的小乔木。幼枝褐紫色,圆柱形,密被暗褐色鳞片。叶常绿,革质,长圆状椭圆形,长11-19厘米,宽3.5-8厘米,顶端钝尖,基部圆,有时微凹入稍呈耳状,幼时上面散生鳞片,以后洁净,下面苍白色,密被大小不等的褐色鳞片,小鳞片相距为其直径,或2倍于直径或小于直径,大鳞片散生其间,有时脱落,中脉在上面平坦,下面明显突起;叶柄长1.5-3厘米,暗紫色,圆柱形无凹槽,密被鳞片。花序顶生,3-4花伞形排列;花芽鳞早落;花梗粗壮,长1.2-2厘米,密被鳞片;花萼圆卵形,长0.8-1.2厘米,外面近基部被鳞片;花冠宽漏斗状,长9-11厘米,白色,外面被鳞片,在筒部更多,裂片圆形;雄蕊10,短于花冠筒,花丝下部被柔毛,花药长约8毫米;子房5室,密被鳞片,花柱略伸出花冠,下部1/2被鳞片,柱头扁球形。蒴果圆柱形,长4.5-5.5厘米,果瓣龙骨状突起,下部被以宿 存萼片,宿萼长1.5-1.8厘米。花期5月。 【引自:中国植物志】


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